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What worldview other than Christianity may attach the same importance to abiding by the laws of the land?   Christians are taught to obey the laws of the land, which is a great influence on their decisions.

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I would first consider the point that Christians are taught to obey the laws of the land.  There is a strong strain of Christian belief that encourages breaking laws that are deemed to conflict with the laws of God.  Martin Luther King, Jr. held this belief.  So do people such as the members of Operation Rescue, who were quite willing to break laws in order to oppose abortion.  It is therefore important to note that a Christian worldview does not necessarily entail obeying the laws passed by humans.

In addition, there are certainly other worldviews, even ones that are not religious in any way, that are as likely to promote obedience to the law.  For example, a Kantian worldview would typically encourage people to obey the law just as much as a Christian worldview would.  Even a person who is atheist could easily adhere to Kant’s idea that moral behavior is behavior in which we always treat other people as ends in themselves and not as means to an end.  This would typically cause us to obey the law as it would teach us not to steal from others just because we want money, for example.

Any worldview that has a strong code of morality is likely to encourage people to obey the law of the land just as much as a Christian worldview is.

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luiji | Student

In response to pohnpei397:

Just because people like Martin Luther King did break the laws of the land, it doesn't mean it was right.

But it is true that we can disobey the government when it conflicts with God's law. I can think of the text when the apostles declare that they ought to 'obey God rather than men'. They kept preaching even though the apostle forbid it.