The Secret Sharer Questions and Answers
by Joseph Conrad

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What other works of literature can I use to compare Conrad's "The Secret Sharer" to for a paper?

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This may seem a slightly odd choice, but hear me out. When I first read this excellent short story by Joseph Conrad, the text that I related it to was actually "The Most Dangerous Game." Why I thought of this text is because  both short stories contain two principal male characters whose interactions allow for self-exploration and development. Just as the captain is able to mature and develop by exploring who he is through his friendship with Leggatt, so Rainsford is able to define himself in opposition to the cruel General Zaroff, but is also forced to explore a darker side of his personality in the way that he has to play "the most dangerous game" and commit exactly the kind of murder that he protested against when he first found out about the concept of hunting men for sport. Both stories therefore indicate the shift of their protagonists from a position of innocence to greater experience in the ways of the world and the ways in which we have to sometimes compromise on dearly-held concepts such as truth and the sanctity of life.

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