What other things does the raven symbolize in Poe's poem besides depression and the constant memory of not being able to see his loved one again?

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One other thing that the raven represents in Poe's poem is wisdom. The first thing that indicates the wisdom of the raven is that it perches on the bust of Pallas as soon as it enters the room. Pallas is just another name for the ancient Greek goddess Athena, who was the goddess of wisdom, among other things such as courage, strength, and war strategy. In many stories, Athena lends her wisdom to the characters; one example is Perseus, whom Athena helps in his quest to behead Medusa; another is Odysseus in The Odyssey, who gains Athena's favor and thereby her help on his journey home. The fact that the raven perches on a bust of the goddess of wisdom lends credence to its utterance, even though the narrator chooses to disregard it at first. But when the raven continues to say it, the narrator puts a cushion on the floor and sits down in front of the raven to contemplate what the creature's meaning is.

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