What other stories short stories can be compared and contrasted to Anton Chekhov's "The Lady With The Dog"?

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There are at least two major Hollywood movies that seem to be takeoffs or knockoffs of Chekhov's story "The Lady with the Pet Dog." One isFatal Attraction(1987) and the other isPlay Misty for Me(1971). In both movies a man gets involved in what he expects to be a casual affair, a one-night stand, with a woman who is a stranger and then finds that he can't get out of it. Both movies, unlike Chekhov's story, are thrillers, but what gives them serious meaning is the fact that the man in each case is bored, has a little free time on his hands, and treats the woman like a mere sex object. Evidently the writers involved with the movies saw Chekhov's story as moralistic, with the moral being that using people can have painful consequences or that using sex for recreational purposes can be dangerous.

Another story that invites comparison with Anton Chekhov 's "The Lady with the Dog" is a story actually written as a response to Chekhov's narrative: Joyce Carol Oates's "The Lady with the Pet Dog."...

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