What other side of Wemmick does Pip find at his Walworth Castle?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip discovers that Wemmick has a human side which he takes care to hide when he is at work in Mr. Jaggers' office in London. Wemmick has an aged parent to whom he devotes a great deal of attention and affection. He also has an eccentric side, as shown in his strange little castle with a moat that anyone could step across. Wemmick also has a lady friend whom he will eventually marry. So Wemmick is essentially a kindly and generous man who will always give Pip good advice and will ultimtely be of great service to him. Dickens loved to create eccentric characters such as Wemmick and his father. Dickens also showed special sympathy for "little people." He dramatized Wemmick's kindly nature in order to justify the special pains he would take to help Pip in crisis.

xnarutoxxi | Student

That Wemmick is actually kind and hospitable, which is a complete 180 from when he was at his office, working under Mr. Jaggers as a corrupt lawyer. He cares for the Aged, apparently, confusing Pip and his first thoughts about Wemmick.

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