What other imagery, apart from the bird imagery, is connected to Jane?

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The most important imagery in Jane Eyre is gothic imagery.  This is one of the classic Victorian Gothic stories!  “Gothic” means dark and relating to supernatural elements.  Gothic images do seem to follow Jane around.  First of all, we have the red-room.  Doesn’t red make you think of blood?  There’s also the big spooky Rochester mansion where Jane finds herself.  Finally, we have the crazy lady the attic with the knife.  It does not get more gothic than that!

Fire is another important image in the story.  Fire has the power to destroy, but it also has the power to transform.  Notice that even though Thornfield Hall is destroyed and Rochester is crippled, it is a new beginning for Jane and Rochester.  Of course, fire also represents passion!  That can be destructive, especially in a society that doesn’t allow love between classes, but it can also represent renewal, as they do get married.

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