What circumstances similiar to the Tutankhamun's tomb happened in the U.S. ?

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The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in November 1922 became more than just the 'discovery of a lifetime' for Howard Carter and the emerging disipline of Archaeology, King Tut became perhaps the first popular cultural icon in the United States. The discovery of the tomb influenced many aspects of American culture. From American architecture, fashion, furniture design, home decor, and women's jewelry anything Egyptian was definitely 'in'.  For example, the elevator doors of Empire State Building in New York City have a lotus flower motif inspired by the 'ancient Egyptian craze that took over during the 1920's.

Take the time to research Tiffany jewelry designs and you will really see the influence that King Tut had in the United States. I've included a few websites that might be helpful as well.

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