What other characters has Jane's story/growth affected?Like did Jane's life teach anyone about their own lives and what did they learn??

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Blanche Ingram: Her plans to marry Rochester are in part foiled by the contrast with Jane Eyre.

Bertha Mason: She is made jealous by Jane and this may have intensified her madness. See Jean Rhys’ The Wide Sargasso Sea for a more sympathetic portrait of Bertha.

Diana and Mary Rivers: Treat Jane well when she is lost. Although their characters do not change by knowing her, she proves deeply involved in their inheritance and financial affairs and her generosity helps them.

Mr. Rochester: Jane redeems him through love.

St. John Rivers: Jane, although refusing to marry him, helps finance his missionary work.

Adele Varens: Jane is her governess and gives her moral guidance and affection, helping her develop her potential and education.