What other berries did Brian find in Hatchet by Gary Paulson?

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Shortly after Brian Robeson crash-lands in the Canadian wilderness, he begins thinking about how he will attain food and where he will find shelter. As an inexperienced survivalist, he is forced to learn on the fly and trust his instincts in order to survive.

Initially, Brian follows a flock of birds into the brush, where he discovers a cluster of bright red berries. He immediately begins stripping the red berries from the branches and proceeds to shove handfuls into his mouth.

Brian also struggles to acclimate himself with the extremely tart taste of the berries and proceeds to collect as many as he can in his windbreaker. Unfortunately, the red berries make Brian ill, and he begins throwing up. He aptly names the red berries "gut cherries," which are actually North American chokecherries.

After Brian's unfortunate experience eating gut cherries, he enters the brush again and begins searching for other edible berries. Fortunately, he finds a clearing in the wilderness, where he discovers a patch of small, thorny bushes. He immediately recognizes raspberries and proceeds to indulge in the sweet, tangy fruit. Brian thoroughly enjoys eating the raspberries and collects a significant amount of berries in his windbreaker before he notices a large black bear. After running back to the shelter, Brian recognizes that the bear was not interested in him and returns to the raspberry patch to collect more berries.

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