What other awards has Lois Lowry won?

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Children's literature author Lois Lowry has won a number of awards. Among them:

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Lois Lowry had made monumental contributions to children's literature and has been honored by receiving numerous awards.  Although her list of books written is quite a bit more extensive than the following list, all of her writing has proven time and again by teachers, parents, and students alike, that she is a very talented writer with the talent to back up what she produces.

A Summer to Die.
Children's Literature Award, International Reading Association, 1978.
Autumn Street.
American Library Association Notable Book Award citation, 1980.
Anastasia Again!
American Book Award Nomination (juvenile paperback category), 1983.
Rabble Starkey.
Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, Golden Kite Award, Society of Children's Book Writers, and Child Study Award , Children's Book Committee of Bank Street College, 1987.
Number the Stars
Newbery Medal, National Jewish Book Award, and Sidney Taylor Award, National Jewish Libraries, 1990.
The Giver.
Newbery Medal, 1994.


Lois Lowry has won the Newberry Medal twice, once for Number the Stars and a second time for The Giver.


Wildly successful with reviewers and readers, The Giver won the 1994 Newbery Medal and sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide. Over the years, the provocative novel also has been among the American Library Association’s most challenged titles, with parents alleging that it encourages euthanasia and undermines motherhood, among other things. In late January, Lowry was awarded the Margaret A. Edwards Award for The Giver. The award, administered by the Young Adult Library Services Association and sponsored by School Library Journal, honors an author’s lifetime contributions to young people’s literature.




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