Besides Freddie, what other acquaintances does Tom make while he's pretending to be Dickie?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While he pretends to be Dickie Greenleaf, the sociopathic character of Tom Ripley encounters several people:

  • Signora Buffi, the wife of the house superintendent, about whom he is worried that she will figure out the murder of Dickie. Later, he worries that Freddie may speak with her, too.
  • Carolino, an Italian painter, whom he has met at the via Margarita Tavern,
  • Fausto, a friend of Dickie's who calls "Dickie"/Tom after he has murdered Freddie, asking to meet Dickie for lunch.
  • Van Houston, a close friend of Freddie Miles, who phones Dickie, he thinks. Tom pretends that he is Dickie, of course, and Van asks what was wrong with Freddie the night before because he was supposed to return to his hotel by six o'clock. He asks Tom/"Dickie," "I didn't have your address. what happened yesterday?" Further, he informs Tom that he has been going through Freddie's suitcases for any information that would assist the police. (Of course, Tom has killed Freddie with an ashtray and taken his body and put it in his car which he drives to the cemetery, where the police will not find it right away.)  
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