What are Othello's character traits?

Othello is a confident, decisive man of action but also insecure and suspicious due to his status as a social outsider.

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Othello is a man riddled with internal conflict and contradictions. He is a confident military leader and a self-doubting member of society. He is an insider of the Venetian court but a outsider due to his race and nationality as a Moor. Othello is a dutiful husband who comes to doubt his marriage. He is trusted and respected by the Duke and Senate but ridiculed by many others, such as Brabantio. Othello knows that no matter how nobly he acts, no matter how much he accomplishes, or how many powerful allies he makes, he will never be fully accepted for who he is.

All this personal conflict takes a toll on Othello. Without it, he would have lived a life full of accomplishment and success. However, it leaves him open to self-doubt, which makes him easy to manipulate by the likes of Iago. All Iago has to do to destroy Othello is make vague insinuations about Desdemona's fidelity. He never provides any evidence that she is unfaithful. Mere insinuations are enough to play on Othello's lack of...

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