what os the significance of the invention of the typewriter and Transcontinental railroad?&' The years they were invented please.

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The typewriter was not invented by a single person; there were multiple people working independently with each other who either created their own machine or perfected the work of another. The reference below gives a more detailed description of its history. The typewriter allowed for uniform printing of text at a speed much faster than could be accomplished by hand writing; a professional typist might be able to type as much as 100 words per minute. The typewriter was an indispensable business machine until it was superseded by the word processor, which was built on the same principle as the typewriter.

The Transcontinental Railroad was perhaps one of the greatest technological achievements of the nineteenth century. It connected the Western United States with the East, and made transcontinental shipment and travel a matter of days rather than months or years. The western U.S. largely developed along the lines of the transcontinental railroad and contributed to a truly "national" economic system as well as economic growth for the entire country.