What is Orwell's message about the power of education? Give examples from the novel.

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dalepowell1962 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Orwell took the message of education full circle in Animal Farm illustrating its importance, usefulness and its misuse.  Notice that one of the first thing that the pigs do is to educate themselves and sets to trying to educate the other animals of the farm.  At this point, the pigs have realized the value of education and are trying to educate the farm's inhabitants to help their society.

Unfortunately, the lack of literacy keeps the animal's ignorant and misinformed when freedom from Jones is more fully established.  The work of the farm is said to become more important and the animal's are told to adopt Napoleon's ways.

Keep in mind that originally,  Snowball was the one who set forward on the path to education while Napoleon built his army (the puppies). Snowball was the more scholarly pig (he had the plan for the windmill originally) and as he became the enemy, education fell by the wayside.

reneepk1999 | Student

Squealer manipulates the animals by exaggerating the distinct lack of physical blackmail, taking advantage of their lack of intelligence and emotional blackmail. (Propaganda is used to brainwash and influence. Its success depends on the animals’ intelligence and emotions)

-the less intelligence or education one has will increase the tendency to be manipulated or brainwashed.

-the lack of education puts the animals in a disadvantaged position as they cannot fight for their rights or remembers what happened in the past. They are unable to put his thoughts into words and are thus controlled by thus who has more intelligence, the pigs; as they are able manipulate them, using their dim-wittedness as a tool for them to maintain power. 

Education was a tool for the pigs/Napoleon to manipulate and control the pigs. 

Thus, Orwell illustrated the both the importance and misuse of education.