What is the organizing process of unions? Include details requirements unfair labor practices and other important aspects of union organization

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that different unions have different requirements and organizations.  The basic process is for workers to be able to coalesce into a collective body in order to be able to petition management in order to have their membership's voice represented.  In terms of the unfair labor practices, this becomes the fundamental reason as to why unionizing happens.  Unionizing in a particular setting happens when there is a consensus reached that the collectivity proposed would be something to best represent the needs and demands of the membership.  There is a real or perceived mistreatment of workers or a desire to protect workers' rights in its approach to management.  The union then ends up becoming the force that negotiates and represents the workers' voices to management as an organization.  The process of representing the collective membership can revolve around issues such as compensation, grievance of worker treatment, proper conditions, as well as other elements that are within the rights and entitlements of workers in relation to the management body.