What is organizational culture and Where does it come from?  Please help with this thx. In ref. to business management

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Organizational culture is a broad term describing a general condition; it is not a specific thing that comes from one identifiable source.

Every company has its own organizational culture, shaped by the attitudes and practices of that particular group of people and circumstances. "Corporate culture is rooted in an organization's goals, strategies, structure, and approaches to labor." The policies regarding chain of command, decision-making procedures, business goals and practices, as well as things like dress code, flexibility in scheduling work hours, provision of benefits like on-site child care or wellness facilities - all these and more impact the organizational culture of a given company.

thorsten1970 | Student

Corporate culture - a set of behaviors that are acquired by the organization in adapting to the external environment and internal integration, which showed its efficiency and shared by most members of the organization. The components of corporate culture are:
- Adopted a system of leadership;
- Styles of conflict resolution;
- The current system of communication;
- Position of the individual in the organization;
- Adopted symbolism: slogans, organizational taboos and rituals.
The term "corporate culture" appeared in the XIX century. It has been formulated and applied by German Field Marshal von Moltke, who used it, describing the relationships among the officers. While the relationship is not only governed by statutes, courts of honor, but the duel saber scar is a mandatory attribute of belonging to an officer's "corporation."