What is organised crime and non-organised crime? explain what is organised crime and non-organised crime? THANKS!

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Organized crime is just what the name suggests: there is some sort of organization behind it. When you think of organized crime, it is best to think of a hierarchy existing behind it. This might take the form of a gang, a cartel, the mafia, or any other criminal organization. There are often decision makers who plan the criminal activities and profit the most from them. Then there are the people who carry out or execute these crimes. Some crime syndicates have very complex hierarchies with several levels of middle management and diversification of roles, the same way a large corporation would. Others are more based around the relationship between a patron and a client. Others are centered around certain families and neighborhoods or geographical locations. The motive of most organized criminal organizations is usually monetary profit (terrorist groups being a notable exception). This is usually achieved through methods such as extortion, embezzlement, racketeering, illegal gambling, or even theft. Different forms of organized crime can be found all over the world and in nearly every society.

Unorganized crime, by contrast, lacks any hierarchical system. This refers to any crime that is not committed by a criminal organization. This type of criminal behavior can include pretty much anything and happen for nearly any motive. These crimes are usually committed by an individual for personal reasons. Sometimes they are planned in advance, but that does not necessarily need to be the case.

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Organized crime is a group of individuals that plan and participate in illegal criminal activities. The main goal of most of these kinds of organized groups is to make money. An example of organized crime is the mafia, or mob. Terrorist groups are another example of an organized criminal group.

Unorganized crime is crime that is committed without any sort of organized group involved. Many times it is not planned either. They include crimes such as robberies, vandalism, etc. Sometimes people commit these crimes to steal money but sometimes they are committed for other purposes.

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Many crimes are committed for the purpose of gaining a monetary reward, and the only difference between organized crime and non-organized crime is the centralized organization and coordination that exists in the former.  Organized crime is often described as a mafia in many countries, but it consists of a hierarchical structure where there are similar break downs to those you might find in a large or small company.  There are those who plan and those who commit the crimes, there are also people who may work in more legitimate enterprises that serve as points where money can be laundered or shell companies can be used to create legal places for income streams, etc.  Again, the main difference is a simple one, organized crime is organized and planned and controlled and non-organized crime isn't centrally planned or coordinated.

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