What orders were given to the Light Brigade?

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"The Charge of the Light Brigade" is set in the Crimean War and is a testament to the heroic bravery of a group of men who fought in this particular battle.

These six hundred men found themselves "in the valley of Death" when they were given orders to go forward and "Charge for the guns!" These soldiers, surrounded by cannons to the right, left, and front, obeyed orders to break through cannon fire and recapture the guns which enemy forces had taken. They rode boldly "into the jaws of Death," obedient to the orders given to them. Unfortunately, they suffered heavy causalities, and the mission was a disaster, as only a fraction of the original six hundred were able to return "back from the mouth of hell."

The poem shows the heroic and valiant efforts of men who remain true to their cause and to their leaders in the face of impossible odds.

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