What order did Rosh give his men? Why did Samson break this order?

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In Chapter 14, Rosh ordered the men to keep a low profile. The shepherds had recently ambushed and attacked Rosh's men. Apparently, they hadn't been too pleased with the rebels stealing their sheep. For his part, Daniel had always assumed that the "flocks that grazed on the slopes were free for the taking."

In this chapter, Daniel had just returned to Rosh's camp for a visit. He was surprised to discover from Joktan that the men had been having trouble getting meat for their meals. Since the ambushes, Rosh had ordered his men to lay low.

There was one person, however, who ignored Rosh's orders, and that man was Samson. Shortly upon Daniel's return, Samson suddenly appeared with a substantial carcass of a sheep on his back. With a wide smile, Samson had thrown down the dead animal before the rest of the men. However, he reserved his biggest smile for Daniel. So, Samson ignored Rosh's order in order to show how pleased he was to see Daniel again.

Upon the occasion of Daniel's return, Samson caught a large sheep to celebrate the return of his friend. Later, Joktan informed Daniel that all of the men hadn't had full stomachs for a week and that they had Daniel to thank for the meal. For his part, Daniel preferred to credit Samson with the accomplishment. In answer, Joktan maintained that Samson had somehow sensed Daniel would return that day; he believed that was the reason Samson caught the sheep. So, Samson disobeyed Rosh's injunction to show his happiness regarding Daniel's return.

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