What is the opinion of Touchstone on lovers being poetical?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think your question could possibly refer to either one of two places in the play.

First, it could refer to Act II, Scene 4.  This is where Touchstone says all kinds of strange stuff to mock the way that people talk when they are in love.  In that scene, he seems to be saying that people who talk a lot about how in love they are are foolish.

Second, it could refer to Act III, Scene 3.  Here, he is talking to Audrey and actually talks about people being "poetical."  He says when people are poetical, they are lying.  He wishes she were a poet so when she says she is virgin she might be lying.  So in that scene he is saying that he thinks people who are poetical are liars.

arpi95 | Student

According to Touchstone,poets and lovers may be said to be identical-they are both concerned with imagination.Lovers make up all sorts of superlative praises for one another out of their imagination.Similarly,what the poet puts into his verse,comes from his imagination-it is all feigning.The words of love addressed by a lover to his mistress,come from his imagination,so they too are feigned.In the word feign there is also the hint of the insincerity of love,as of the violation of reality in poetry.This is the opinion of Touchstone on lovers being poetical

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