What opinions do the chorus express throughout Sophocles' play Antigone ?

Expert Answers
Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One opinion the chorus clearly expresses is that they believe Antigone is foolish, headstrong, and has acted rashly. We especially see the chorus reflect on Antigone's headstrong nature in the lines, "She is clearly the fierce daughter of a fierce father; she doesn't know to bend with the wind" (485-486). We also see the chorus proclaim that she acted foolishly and went too far with matters in the lines:

You went forward far too boldly
and crashed into the lofty
pedestal of Justice, my child. (859-861)

Another opinion the chorus clearly expresses is that eventually they believe Creon is not only wrong to punish Antigone but also arrogant and foolish to place his own laws above the gods. We see the chorus develop the opinion that Creon is wrong to kill Antigone after Tiresias relays his prophecy of doom as a punishment from the gods for Creon placing his own laws above the gods' laws of respecting the dead. The chorus encourages Creon to yield to Tiresias and to take his advice for "he has never spoken falsely to this city" (1102-03). The chorus further advises Creon to "release the maiden from her rocky home and make a tomb for the unburied man" (1109-10).  Hence we see that Tiresias convinces the chorus to believe that Creon has been wrong and to convince Creon to listen to Tiresias's wisdom.