What is the only possible way for a good individual to lose his or her just reward?

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Lady Philosophy tries to convince Boethius that goodness is its own reward. Bad things do indeed happen to good people, but they don't stop being good because of that. Likewise, good things happen to bad people, but that doesn't remove their badness either. Even amidst all the immense suffering of this world, the honesty of the good continues to shine. No amount of adversity, however great, can possibly change this simple fact. If people are given credit for virtuous acts by others, then that credit can just as easily be taken away, along with riches, fame, and reputation. But the honesty that comes from goodness is something within you and so cannot be taken away by anyone else, no matter how cruelly they treat you. You will only lack the reward that goodness confers upon you if you stop being honest.

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