What is the one thing God cannot do?

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There are multiple things which God cannot do.

1. God cannot flood the earth again. God promised that he would never flood the earth after the first flood. Given God cannot break promises, he will can never flood the earth.

2. God cannot "mess with" free will. God gave mankind free will so that mankind can make mistakes (and learn from them).

3. God can never learn anything new. God is all-knowing. Therefore, his knowledge of everything is omnipotent.

4. God cannot cease to exist. God is everlasting. There will never be an end to God.

5. God, unlike man, cannot sin. God's holiness means god cannot sin.

6. God cannot be wrong. God is perfect, therefore, all he does is right.

7. God cannot agree with all prayers. For example, one person may be praying for something to happen and another is praying for the exact opposite. Given that there can be only one outcome, God can agree with only one of the prayers.

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In one sentence I would say that God cannot do anything which is self-contradicting with respect to His attributes.

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i think there is nothing that God cannot do if he did not know to do anything then how he had made us .so as i think there is nothing that god cannot do


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nice Najm, for example God would never create a very heavy rock that He himself wouldn't be able to lift it!! Coz, it is in contradictory with His power. Or as an example, I ask you: Can you make an airplane out of a single paper!!!! the problem is with paper not you.

Now God cant create a heavy stone that He himself cant lift it becouse the stone does not have the potential.