What is one of the most harmful of the microwave ovens created by Percy Sperver?

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Microwaves are easily one of the most common appliances found in homes; however, the safety of these appliances has often come into question. It is important to first note that the United States has not officially acknowledged any potential harm that may result from either standing near a microwave while in use or from eating food cooked in a microwave--Russia and Europe have much higher safety standards regarding microwave output and usage than the USA does. Depending on who you believe, microwave ovens can be dangerous for a few reasons--first, eating food prepared in one can supposedly lead to an increase risk in cancer. Also, there are those who claim that pregnant women should not stand anywhere near microwaves because the radiation that leaks out can harm the baby. Lastly, it is claimed that consistent exposure to microwaves (the radiation, that is) can lead to cancer or the breakdown of tissue and structures in the body.  As always, there are two sides to every issue--it is up to the individual to decide which side to take.

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