What is one of Storm's character traits in the book?

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The dog, Storm, had many unique qualities.  Storm was a special part of Paulsen’s team.  Paulsen had grown to love all his dogs, but Storm was special.  In chapter 7 of “Woodsong” Paulsen tells us that Storm is an “honest” dog.  He also lets us know that Storm was loyal and tough.  Storm is also playful and enjoys playing tricks.  Once, Storm buried Paulsen’s hat in the snow.  Paulsen says Storm “smiled” at him when it was found under the snow.  Storm helped Paulsen finish the Iditarod musher race in Alaska.   Storm and the other dogs on the team saved Paulsen’s life more than once.

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Storm is a great god to have. He is brave and when he died i think Paulsen was very proud of him.