What is one specific way the Hadleys continued to spoil their children even after they realized that there was something wrong with the nursery in "The Veldt"?

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First, some background. In Ray Bradbury's 1950 short story "The Veldt ", he predicted a world in which electronics were capable of creating a very convincing reality--not so far off from some of the current video game effects that now exist. The Hadleys live in a Happylife Home, which does most everything for them--it cooks their meals, provides their clothes, regulates the temperature; again, not too far off from what can be done today. The feature that seems to the parents, George and Lydia, to be malfunctioning is the nursery. This is the children's playroom, which is capable of producing scenes that Wendy and Peter direct it to, and has in the past had a lot of different...

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