What is the one source of beauty in Elena's world ?

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I think that the source of beauty in Elena's world comes from identifying marginalized elements like herself.  Elena is consistent in her being able to appreciate those individuals or forces that are relegated to the periphery.  The fact that she fancies Eugene is reflective of this beauty.  She does not shy away from this penchant.  It becomes a source of beauty to her because she understands how important it is to her identity.  Her journal is akin to a running log of those forces in the world that are marginalized, like she is.  The source of beauty that she has is her appreciation of these forces.  When she experiences rejection from Eugene, it hurts because this beauty has turned on her.  Elena's tears are for the fact that marginalization, in a way, begets marginalization.  Her crying at the end of the narrative is where one sees the pain of this beauty.  The ending of the narrative does not provide any clear or distinct resolution.  This helps to enhance the idea that there is beauty in Elena's world, and it comes from the appreciation of what it means to be marginalized.