What is one significant event at the end of "The Swiss Family Robinson" that gave impact towards the Robinson family?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rescue of Jenny Montrose made an interesting addition to the Robinson clan. It impacted the family dynamics exceedingly, giving Mrs. Robinson another female for companionship in her all-male crew.

Jenny's arrival also added a (very small) touch of romance to the tale. All four boys began to perk up a bit. Jenny's presence gave a new dimension to the post-work day. Before, the concentration of the activities seemed to be on the duties of , first, survival, then imporvements made on their environment. The presence of a non-family member forced them to put on their "company manners," so to speak.

And in a larger sense, Jenny signalled the end of their isolation. It was the first instance of the outside world breaking through to their paradise. Slowly it brought the Robinsons back to the normal world, even though they would eventually decide to stay permanently on their island, just not in undiscovered bliss.

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