What is one saying Bud remembers his mother telling him? How does it make Bud feel?

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Bud's mother said many things that stuck with him. He references one particular saying his mother had several times in the novel.

"No matter how bad things look, when one door closes, another one opens."

Bud turns to this saying each time that he faces a new challenge throughout the novel. The saying empowers Bud to keep moving forward, leaving each challenge behind him like a closed door. His mother's words resound in his head and provide Bud the courage to persist and keep moving ahead despite the cruelty and hardships that he faces. For example, when Bud realized that the librarian he knew was no longer available to be a resource, he simply accepted it. He felt as if this was an example of a door closing and calmly went to sleep, waiting for a new day when he was sure another door would open.

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