What is one quotation, one paraphrase with context, one rhetorical strategy or style element, and one effect or function in Jane Eyre?all of them have to come from the same quotation

neneta | Student

Quotation: “on the hill-top…the most remote” (chapter 12)

Paraphrase:  Jane rests from a wintry walk in the surroundings of Hay.  At rest, she can feel several impressions related to that environment. Thus, she can see the rising moon that brightens moderately and she can perceive the smoke coming from the houses’ chimneys in the village of Hay. Furthermore, she can hear the sound of water from the mountain´s becks. However, she feels that this peacefulness may be disrupted.

Rhetorical strategy: You can mention the visual and auditory imagery:  like the pale moon, the smoke coming from the chimneys and the noise of water in the streams. You can comment on the metaphor “murmurs of life”, which may connote the vitality of Hay´s inhabitants. You may notice the personification of “ear” that feels the constant flow of the hills’ streams.

Effect: This imagery heightens Jane´s loneliness. In addition, this description enhances the feeling of secrecy preparing the reader for the next events.