What is one of the person vs technology conflicts?

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Two person versus technology conflicts are economic and educational. As we find more and more ways to use technology to do work for us, we lose more and more jobs and those that remain often require a higher degree of technological knowledge and skill than ever before.  Ideally, we will gain jobs in the creation and production of new technologies, but whether this will be a zero-sum game remains to be seen. 

One way to address both of these conflicts is through better education.  We need to teach students how to be comfortable and effective in this technological world we are living in.  And we also need to teach students how to be creative and innovative, since this is the means by which new technological products and services will be developed. 

It should be pointed out that this is not a new conflict by any means. The invention of the automobile created an economic conflict, as no doubt did the invention of the wheel or the printing press. Buggy whip manufactures were put out of business, fewer labors were needed for transport, and scribes, had they been able to, would have found themselves applying for unemployment.  However, each of these provided a new opportunity for employment, as long as people were able and willing to educate themselves in the new technologies.  We tend to think of these conflicts as those of our own times only, but this is not true at all.


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