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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This story is about Mr. Johnson and his daily route.  Although he doesn't always take the same route, he goes out into the city and plays the Good Samaritan wherever he goes.  This story takes place in the 1950's in New York City.  Mr. Johnson helps everyone he comes into contact with.  He helps a mother who is loading up her stuff to move away by watching her child.  He helps a homeless man by giving him enough money for a good meal plus a tip.  He accidentally keeps a woman from getting to work on time, so he pays her the day's wages and sets her up with a man.  Mr. Johnson suggests they both go to Coney Island together as a vacation day.  (He pays the man's wages as well).

When Mr. Johnson gets home, we meet his wife.  She seems to the the alter ego to her husband.  While he's out helping others, she seems to be griping and disrupting everyone else's day. However, it makes the reader wonder if all that Mr. Johnson says is true. Perhaps he's not always that good.