What is one key characteristic of Anne Frank? Give five examples from the book that prove this.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of Anne's key characteristics is her independence of thought.  

There are different settings where Anne's independently thoughtful traits are displayed.  One instance would be in keeping the diary itself. Anne uses her diary as a means to communicate her uniquely distinctive thoughts.  As a result of keeping the diary, she comes across as a independent human being.

Another instance of her independence can be seen in how she seeks to break away from her parents.  Even though the Frank family is immersed in the Holocaust, Anne does not change who she is.  She will often contradict her her mother in seeking to be her own person.  Anne also displays her autonomy of thought in how she defines herself against her sister. While she is loyal to Margot, it is clear that Anne does not want to be like her.  She wants to have her own identity, something that is repeated at different points in the narrative.  Anne does not change her demeanor for anyone.  Even when Mr. Dussel constantly strives for quiet, Anne does not relent in being who she is.  This is an example of her independence, something that does not allow her to conform to others.

I think that the final example of Anne's independence can be seen in how her thoughts grow over the course of the diary.  Anne is so independent in her thinking that she is able to freely talk about social injustice, moral dimensions of right and wrong, as well as the nature of human beings and their place in the world. This is one of the strongest examples of Anne's characteristic of being an independent thinker.

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