What is one instance where kids and adults dislike one another in To Kill a Mockingbird? Up to chapter 8, besides Burris Ewell and Ms. Caroline.

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Take a look at Dill.  He comes to Maycomb each summer, essentially, because his parent(s) don't really like him enough to keep him around for the summer.  She pawned him off on his Aunt Rachel.

Don't discount the fact that Scout also doesn't like Miss Caroline, and butts head with her several times that first day of school.  In fact, she hates Miss Caroline so much that she comes home and tries to get out of going to school anymore, which Atticus quickly dismisses.

In chapter four, Scout mentions the surly Mrs. Dubose for the first time, and comments,

"neighborhood opinion was unanimous that Mrs. Dubose was the meanest old woman who ever lived."

None of the kids liked walking by her place.

Mr. Nathan Radley didn't like kids either; he filled in the hole that Boo was putting things in for Jem and Scout.  He was mean in that way, and ended his son's friendships with the neighbor children.

Those are just a few more examples to help you out; good luck!

k123810 | Student
you could say how the whole town disliked boo They heard all the rumors about him and that caused all the adults to not accpet him. the children also didnt like the old lady the morphine addict sorry i forgot her name. they thought she was mean.
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