Identify at least one conflict in William Gibson's play, The Miracle Worker.

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The Miracle Worker, a play by William Gibson, is based on the lives of Helen Keller and her lifetime companion, Annie Sullivan.

In terms of conflicts, there are two major kinds: internal and external. There is only one kind of internal conflict and that is man (or woman) against himself (or herself). (This would include having a guilty conscience or talking oneself out of being afraid.) There are several kinds of external conflicts, including man vs. man, man vs. the supernatural (or God), man vs. society, and man vs. nature.

The most prevalent kind of conflict in this play is man vs. man. This would include primarily Annie against Helen, Annie against Captain Keller, the Captain against James, Annie against James, and even the Captain against Kate Keller (but to a lesser degree).

Man vs. nature might be seen in Annie's struggle to keep her eyesight.

Man vs. society can be seen when Annie decides to treat Helen as she sees fit in order to reach through the obstacles of Helen's loss of vision,...

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