What are the omens and natural forces in All My Sons?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most prominent omen in the play All My Sons is the toppling of the apple tree in the Kellers' yard.  The tree was taken down in a storm just before Ann arrives to visit Chris and his family.  The apple tree had been planted in honor of Larry, the Kellers' son who never returned from the war.  The family has never really accepted the fact that it is likely Larry has died and will never return.  Chris has decided to move on and accept his brother's likely death; however, their mother Kate will not let go and insists that Larry will return.  The falling of the tree is symbolic because it falls during the same month of Larry's birthday suggesting that like the tree, Larry has also "fallen."  When Ann arrives, she feels forced at the end of her visit to tell the truth to the family, so she reveals the letter that Larry sent to her before he commited suicide.  Therefore, the falling of the tree is a natural force that serves as an omen of Larry's death.