What does Odysseus learn about his future from blind Teiresias in the Land of the Dead?

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Teiresias was a blind Theban prophet whose ghost, together with those of other dead people, existed in the house of Hades. Circe was requested to inform and allow Odysseus to make a trip to the house of Hades. He was to get some vital information from Teiresias’ ghost. The information was important for his journey back home.

When they met in the house of Hades, Teiresias informed Odysseus that his trip back home had been made difficult by the gods, especially by Poseidon, who was still angry at Odysseus for blinding his son (Cyclops). However, there was still hope for his safe arrival back to Ithaca.

The prophet told Odysseus to refrain from harming the flock belonging to the sun god when he reached the Thrinacian Island. He was also expected to take revenge on the suitors tormenting his wife and son when he arrived back home. Further, Odysseus was asked to make a special sacrifice to Poseidon and the other gods. Teiresias also prophesied that Odysseus would live long and that his death would come from the sea.

'As for yourself, death shall come to you from the sea, and your life shall ebb away very gently when you are full of years and peace of mind, and your people shall bless you. All that I have said will come true.’

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