The Lover of Horses Questions and Answers
by Tess Bond

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What odd behavior does the narrator of Tess Gallagher's "Lover of Horses" attribute to her great-grandfather? short answer pleaseĀ 

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The narrator of the story "The Lover of Horses" by Tess Gallagher recounts many unusual acts and habits attributed to her grandfather. Usually these are known second rather than first hand, as tales told by other family members. He is considered to have been a "horse whisperer" and man who can talk to horses in a language the horses understand. Despite not being able to afford them, he owned 29 horses. He conceived one of his 11 children in a horse stall. He ran off with a circus because he was enamoured of a dancing horse. When he returned home after the horse died, he would dance the horse`s dance out in a field.

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