What occurred to cause upheaval and change in the village?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major force that causes the largest amount of drastic upheaval and transformation is the presence of European Colonization in the village.  The traditional religious, social, economic, and political structures have all been replaced with Imperialistic notions of these goods.  The bartering system within the village which allowed daily life to function gave way to a palm- oil trade which caused unlimited amounts of greed and profit, which replaced the original associations and norms of community life with individualistic gain and a self centered approach to economic growth.  The Colonial government was replacing the Ibo tribunal and the forcible nature of this government in terms of not allowing indigenous structures to exist made the once proud and defiant village something of a puppet of the Colonial forces.  Finally, traditional notions of life forces and spirituality were becoming supplanted by Christianity, dividing villagers in separating them from their original conception of religious notions of self and forcing conversion to a religion not their own.  Most notable of these conversions was Okonkwo's own son.  The pride in the past of the village was being replaced with a future without autonomy, and under someone else's rule.

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