What occupations could benefit from having a background in analyzing art?

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Because visual matters play such a central role in our lives, many occupations would benefit from the study of art. Obvious professions such as an architect and fashion designer generally require art and art history studies as part of their preparation.

Many computer related jobs are heavily visually oriented. Web design depends on a good sense of 2D design. Numerous aspects of game design are inherently visual, especially the characters and settings.

Many aspects of film and video production, as well as theater, similarly would utilize art-related skills and appreciation.

Any type of job that utilizes 3 dimensional spatial orientation, such as urban transportation system design, would be helped by an art background. Garden design and landscape design similarly depend on having people with well trained eyes.

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The first occupation that comes to mind as being one that would benefit from the background of analyzing art is a museum curator. A museum curator would benefit from having knowledge about artistic works because it would help him or her to know which pieces of art were valuable and how much they were worth. It would also help the curator explain the significance of each individual piece of art to the visitors of the museum.

Another occupation would be that of a an appraiser. An appraiser determines the value of a work of art. Having background knowledge in the analyzation of art would help the appraiser to decide on a monetary value for a piece by determining what time period the piece comes from, who created it, and if the artwork is real or fraudulent.

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