What obvious differences are there in the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" between night and day?

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The day and night contrasts occur as they relate to the faerie worlds and mortal worlds.  During the day, we are exposed to the world of the mortals...the four young lovers, the Duke and his wife-to-be, and the artisans.  As evening falls, the faerie world appears, where Puck and Titania and Oberon appear.  The two worlds mix, however, when the faeries choose to interfere in the mortals' world (when the four young lovers venture into the forest at night and fall asleep).  The two world intertwine at this point due to Oberon choosing to interfere in the young lovers' lives by using the magic potion.  Also, because Puck applies the magic potion to the wrong person, Oberon then must have Puck correct the mistake he made by placing more magic potion on the young lovers.  In addition, the mischief and magic happens in the evening, as well. 

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