What obvious contrasts in (a) character (b) events are made in the play "Macbeth"?

felixe | Student

The contrasts made inthe play are apparent fromthe very start of the play itself.Inthe scene when the two generals, Macbeth and Banquo reach the heath where the witches are lying in wiat for them , the manner in which they react to the withches highlights the difference in betweent eh two. While Macbeth is startled and lapses in to a meditative silence following the strangeĀ  greeting by the trio, Banquo displays his candidness by insisting that they greet him as well with future titles. Again, the heath that is gloomy and desrted creates a scene that seems to foreshadow the arrival of doom .

Later, as Duncan rides into Inverness, macbeth's castle, he comments on the birdsong that fills his heart with joy. But te evil Lady macbeth has earlier listened to the cawing of the bird of illomen , the Raven at the self same castle , sugesting that we hear what we want to hear!