What are objects that we use now that the Victorians also used?

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There are hundreds of common household items that were used both in Victorian times and in modern times. Some of these items were invented during the Victorian era (1837-1901) and are still used today.


The bicycle was invented in Victorian times, and it is still incredibly common today.

The postage stamp was first created in Victorian England. Millions of postage stamps are still used daily.

Photography first became widely used during the Victorian era. Cameras continued to grow in popularity. By the end of the Victorian era, photography and cameras were extremely popular. They are still popular today.

The telephone was invented in the United States during Victorian times. Telephones are still widely used today.

Other common objects:

Children played with toys, such as dolls and blocks, in the Victorian era. These are still popular toys today. People cooked on stoves in the 1800s, though theirs were powered by wood or coal instead of electricity and gas. Reading books was a common pastime, as it is today. People used sewing machines to make clothes in the Victorian era. Though not as widely used anymore, people still use sewing machines to create clothing items.

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