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The Diary of a Young Girl

by Anne Frank

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What objects does Mr. Frank find in the secret rooms in Anne Frank:  Diary of a Young Girl? No

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I am assuming that you are asking what objects Mr. Frank finds in the secret rooms when he returns at the end of the war.  The only survivor in his family, Otto Frank returns to Amsterdam months after the war's official end in May of 1945.  Upon his arrival, Miep and Elli give him "the notebooks and papers in Anne's handwriting that they had found strewn over the floor of the 'secret annexe' after the Gestapo had gone...these (are) Anne's diary, stories, and sketches...all that (remain)".

After the Gestapo had found their hiding place in August, 1944, the Franks had been taken to Gestapo headquarters in Amsterdam.  A month later they were transported to Auschwitz, in Poland; upon entry there, the men and women were separated, and Otto Frank never saw his family again.  Anne, meanwhile, endured more than two months at Auschwitz, then was moved with her sister to Belsen in Germany.  Both Margot and Anne died of typhus at Belsen.

When he received the writings of his daughter, Otto Frank "had copies of the diary privately circulated as a memorial to his family"  A Dutch university professor urged him to formally publish the book, and in June, 1947, it was published under the title The Secret Annexe.  It was subsequently published in France and in England and the United States under the title Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl.  In the present day, it has been translated into more than thirty-one languages, and has sold over a million copies in hardcover alone ("Afterword").

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