What are the objectives of the members of the 2nd triumvirate in Julius Caesar?

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Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus--who make up the triumvirate after Caesar's assassination, have a couple of goals.  The first is to continue executing their political opponents.  The men demonstrate their ruthlessness in achieving this objective by being willing to put family members to death.  Lepidus, after admitting that his brother is fair game for their hit list, tells Antony that he must also get rid of his sister's husband.  Antony replies:

"He shall not live; look, with a spot I damn him. / But, Lepidus, go you to Caesar's house, / Fetch the will hither, and we shall determine / How to cut off some charge in legacies" (4.2. 7-10).

As evidenced by Antony's comments, the leaders are also interested in wheedling around certain parts of Caesar's will, especially having to give away a pension to every Roman citizen.  If possible, they want to keep Caesar's plenty for themselves.

After Lepidus leaves, Antony and Octavius discuss how they can get rid of him.  They do not value his worth as a leader; this should have been a warning sign to each of them that after Lepidus is taken care of, that one of them will be next.

Finally, the new leaders plot to defeat Brutus and Cassius who have gathered forces to make their last stand.

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