What are the objectives of the General Insurance Company?

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Insurance companies take risks based upon actuaries who uses statics to determine overall exposure on a policy. Once your company determine its risk they write a policy and caculate your premium. They also outlines what is not insured. premiums are collected from insured parties.

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The main objective of the Insurance company is that they provide liability of difficulties that are faced in business as well as in life. In India most of Indians have the security life policy in  Life Insurance Corporation of India. It provides enough needs according to the customers expectation. The policy varies depending upon the income of the person and the business.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Insurance refers to the commercial arrangement in which a business establishment accepts the liability of risks faced by individuals for a small sum of fee called premium. Companies providing such insurance are called insurance companies.

Insurance companies help to spread the risk of loss among a large number of their clients. For example when a company insure your car for a small sum against accidents, it charges a yearly insurance which is much less than the losses you may have to bear if the accident actually happened. In return it will compensate you for the actual losses incurred if an accident actually happens.

In this arrangement the clients of the insurance companies benefit by avoiding a major but uncertain loss which they may be ill prepared to bear by accepting to pay a small but certain premium. Not only they avoid the big loss they also buy the Peace of mind by knowing that if some thin goes wrong, the insurance companies will bear the losses. The insurance companies benefit as the premium is so calculated the even after paying for all the losses occurring against insured events, they will still be left with some surplus profit.

Insurance and insurance companies are grouped in two broad classes - life insurance and general insurance. Life insurance is protection against pre-mature death of a person. In case, of premature death of a person, his nominated survivors are paid a sum substantial sum of money. This sum of money is agreed in advance and the insured person pays premium to insurance company in proportion to this.

General insurance refers to insurance for any thing other than life. It covers loss of property due to reasons such as theft, accidents, and natural calamities. It also covers expenses for some specific purposes such as medical treatment and liability for payment of compensation to victims of road accidents.

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