What is an "objective" and what purpose does it serve?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The word “objective” has many meanings and can be several parts of speech:

  1. As a pairing with “subjective” it means the thinker or actor is being fair and honest and is not letting his personal feelings enter his assessment or decision:  “Although his own wife was in the beauty contest, he promised to be objective (adjective) about his judgment.” (He would apply universal criteria of beauty, and not let his personal feelings get in the way of his judgment.)
  2. As a part of a business plan or as part of a trip, or as part of any project, the “objective” is the end result desired and planned for: “When they expanded the company, their objective was to enter international markets.” “When we chose this road, our objective (noun) was reaching the Mojave Desert in the cool of the evening.” Or “When we left Los Angeles our objective was New York.”
  3. In grammar, “objective” is one of the cases of pronouns, used to signify the object or person acted upon, rather that the person or object acting: “He (subjective, the doer) telephoned her ( objective, the receiver or the person acted upon).  When parsing a sentence or clause, the object of the clause or of the prepositional phrase is in the objective case (in Latin called the accusative).
  4. Abstractly, one can ask, for example, what an essayist’s “objective” is—to argue what? To prove what? Or even, what a literary work’s “objective” is.    
sweetrinky | Student

objective has got different meanings depending on the way we use it. but your question deals with "an objective and its purpose" so as far as i know it means aim   . an objective  is something we want to accomplish or achieve and we form a prior idea of our aim and focus  on the ways to achieve it then, that becomes our objective . and it serves a lot of our purposes as it gives us directions as to what we should do to achieve it and work in a systematic way in that particular field. it makes us concentrate on one thing