What object in The Giver causes Jonas to see flashes of something unusual?  

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is an apple, an ordinary apple, that Jonas notices something unusual about. We learn of this in Chapter 3 of The Giver, when we are told of Jonas' experience with his friend Asher. Jonas had grabbed an apple from the basket, and he and Asher were tossing it back and forth.  As the apple is in mid-air, he notices that it has "changed"(24).  He sees this change four different times, and he is perplexed by it. He thinks he might have a problem with his vision, and he checks to be sure he can still read his identification badge properly, but his vision does not seem to be the problem. Still puzzled, he takes the apple home, which is against the Rules, and he examines the apple more, but cannot figure out what he had seen. It is only when Jonas is assigned to the Giver and learns about color that he understands that he had caught a glimmer of red as he and Asher tossed the apple between them.  This is the first time we and Jonas understand that there is no color in the community.