What did Ob call his whirligigs in "Missing May"?

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Ob called his whirligigs The Mysteries.

Ob's whirligigs were not like the ordinary ones people stick in their gardens to frighten off the birds.  Those are "mostly the same everywhere: a roadrunner whose legs spun in the wind, or maybe a chicken or a duck".  Sometimes they are also designed after cartoon characters.

Ob's whirligigs were different.  He was an artist, and designed his whirligigs to represent his thoughts and feelings about things like a thunderstorm, or heaven.  Ob's whirligigs were meaningful, and expressive of his very soul.  He had whirligigs individually called "Fire and Love and Dreams and Death".  He even had one which he named "May", after his beloved wife.  "May" had "more little spinning parts than any of the rest of the whirligigs, and these parts (were) all white - her Spirit, he said.  They were grounded to a branch from an oak tree and this, he said, was her power" (Chapter 1). 

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