What is the number such that three times the number plus 23 equals 53?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The number is 10.  Here is how to get this answer.

First, let the number be called x.

We can set up the equation

3x + 23 = 53

Once we have this, we can solve for x by doing some basic algebra.  First, we must get the numbers to be on one side of the equation and the x term to be on the other side.  We can do this by subtracting 23 from both sides.  That gives us

3x = 30

Now we simply divide both sides by 3 and get

x = 10

hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Assume that the number is x

Then 3 times the number =3x

Add 23 ==> 3x+23

==> 3x+23 = 53

==> 3x= 53-23 = 30

==> x= 10


neela | Student

Reversing the operation we get the number.

After adding 23 we got 53.

So before adding 23 we should have the number which is

 53-23 =30.

After multiplying  a number we got 30.

So divide 30 by 3: 30/3 =10.

So the number is 10.

Check: 10*3+23 =53.

penguinsrule21 | Student

allow x to be the number ,

==>therefore, your equation is


set it equal and subtract 23 from both sides


3x=30,  divide either side by 10







Hope this helps!